Chancellor Message

The University Of Modern Sciences has been a torch bearer of quality medical education in the country for more than a decade. Known for quality education, the institution has been consistently ranked amongst the top ten medical institutions in the country.

AAs the Chancellor of The University of Modern Sciences, I am proud to lead the institution in fulfilling its commitment to improve the health of the nation through excellence in medical education, biomedical research and patient care.

He is Trainer of National Business Development Program-Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (NBDP-SMEDA). Furthermore, he has command to conduct Training sessions, Workshops and Seminars on different topics and fields.

As methods of learning, discovery and healthcare delivery grow increasingly complex; The University of Modern Sciences is keeping pace and breaking new grounds.

Our worth mentioning achievements are the recruitment of clinical and research faculty of national renown, provision of latest technology to further learning and the expansion of academic facility to meet the needs of our students pertinently.

With a dedicated and highly skilled faculty, excellent infrastructure, library facilities, museums and laboratories for skills training, the institution has been attracting innumerable students for the past many years from both within and outside the country.

The graduates from the college are successfully practicing medicine not only in Pakistan but in the USA, UK, Middle East and other European countries. Our Endeavour has been to provide the best to the students preparing them to take up the responsibility of health care provision professionally, ethically and safely.

They are specifically trained to conduct research in all the aspects of health and provide evidence-based healthcare pertaining to the ever-changing requirements of populations. Consequently, the performance of our graduates has always been outstanding as they pursue the institutional goals of excellence in medical education and healthcare.


Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Memon


Dear Esteemed Alumni and Current Students

I have joined THE UNIVERSITY OF MODERN SCIENCES (TUMS) at an exciting and indeed a challenging time, where the university finds itself at the cross roads of its embryonic development and being a driver of societal change.

Leading a university is an intellectually rewarding venture, but one that is far from easy. It requires certain equipoise between efficient management and the recognition and enhancement of intellectual freedom and creativity.

TUMS was brought into existence with the very idea that it will assume a stewardship role for health education and research in the Tando Muhammad Khan province and through the work of my predecessors, TUMS has been able to launch multiple academic programs to fulfill that role. Now, I have accepted the challenge to not only nurture and consolidate the current portfolio of programs but also to further expand it according to the needs of our health system.

However, I feel that there is an even more important task at hand that is to inculcate the true essence of education into the students of TUMS and to make them find a bigger purpose in life rather than considering their qualifications only as a vehicle for financial success. And it is perhaps the greatest social influence a university can have, for we too often forget that there is a moral core to what we do.

My vision is to make TUMS a center of knowledge sharing and generation, with the critical study and debate of human values and what it means to be human, at its heart. I aim to lead the university into an era of innovation and cutting edge scientific inquiry with a truly scientific, social, and economic impact.

A place where students are enabled and stimulated to achieve human excellence, and where the ethos and values of quality assurance, transparency, merit, openness, accessibility, participatory approach and gaining public confidence are held supreme.


Professor DR Feroz Memon
Vice Chancellor



The UMS Alumni Association is a dynamic and thriving community comprisinggraduates and former students of the University of Modern Sciences Tando Muhammad Khan (UMS). Founded on the principals of fostering lifelong connections. celebrating achievements, and contributing to the advancement of healthcare and education, this assocaiation stands as a testament to the legacy and excellence of UMS.


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